In 2000...

..... Extremely Normal was founded by the songwriter and producer Christian Ehmer and the drummer Sebastian Schmitz. Several auditons were held with singers. In 2001 Extremely Normal found a male voice named "Fuggi" for the first time. It was obvious that a new rock / pop band was being born. Shortly afterwards the first concerts were played successfully. Unfortunately, the singer left the band. Shortly afterwards they found Perta Wirges, who then joined the band ...


Loreley St. Goarshausen

In 2004 and 2005 Extremely Normal gave one of their biggest concerts in the open-air theater St. Goarshausen Loreley. They were able to prevail among thousands of applications and were successfully invited to give a concert in 2004 and 2005.

This open air theater was sponsored by Big FM and Pro7. What a great opportunity to introduce their music to a wide audience. The band recorded the concert as a live recording. Further information is available in the gallery and video area.



Loreley St. Goarshausen

2006 - 2008


In 2006 Extremely Normal released their first CD and presented it to their fans. The CD "Between nine and twelve" was recorded and released under their own label Extremely Records EXR. The CD is available in the shop, Amazon, Itunes ......

Several radio stations such as SWR1 or the Bundeswehr radio and numerous online stations showed interest in the band. The band gave interviews on various radio stations and appeared on regional television stations.

from 2010..

In 2010 Petra Wirges left the band. From 2010 the band played in various formations over hundreds of concerts all over Europe. Including large festivals and concerts with up to 1000 people ...



Extremely Normal played a concert in the Tin Star Saloon in the Netherlands in 2019. This concert was recorded live. The band released song material and a LIVE video recording from this ..